Frequently Asked Questions

Media playback was aborted due to a corruption.

If you Get this error then there is a problem with the encoder and the type of video that is not working correctly. We are still in beta with the encoders so we do not at this time have a solution to what causes this error.

We have a alternative MP4 Uploader that you can use that will bypass the encoder.


The MP4 file uploader is for large MP4 files that might take a long time to process in the encoder or might get stuck. It is basically a alternative way you can upload if you are having problems using the "Normal Upload".

Only MP4 files are supported with this method and need to be WEB OPTIMIZED and we recommend a tool called "Hand Brake". Hand Brake will shrink the video file size and optimize it for best playback for a website. Please watch this video here to see how you Web Optimize a Video and make it a MP4.

Once you have your video optimized then click the "MP4 Files Only Upload" you might have to log in again, but once it loads you will see the file uploader:


Drag or Select your MP4 file and wait for it to completely upload.


Once done you can click close. Do not worry about the Thumbnails because they will be automatically generated.

If you do try uploading thumbnails they will be erased once the encoder generates the ones directly from the video.

You can change them after the process is complete just not before it.

You can also go back into the video in "My Videos" and click the edit button and you can add description, change the category, and even add keywords.



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