Frequently Asked Questions

How to get more views (Traffic) to your videos?
The simplest way is to let people know you are over here on JoshWho TV, and they need to make a account to interact with you.

Let them know they will be notified by your channel if they subscribe and click the bell Icon.

There is also a built in share button system under every video that makes it easy to share to other platforms.

Videos are legally protected here and the cancel culture is not allowed to tell you what you can do here.

The other alt platforms are for kids, this is a more professional platform for grownups that is serious about video hosting. We make it easy for you to embed your videos on any platform that will allow you to, and we actually treat people like adults. No "Big Mother" over here.
A serious video hosting platform.

We even have built in rss feeds so you can make Amazon Firestick Apps, Roku Tv channels, podcast feeds, all for free.

The only barrier keeping you from having a large audience, is by not sharing your videos to the other platforms and advertising in your video about being here on JoshWho TV. We are not gatekeepers like the others.

We do not shadowban or throttle your view counts. Infact, we have built in analytic tools that will let you explore where your traffic comes from.

There are actually a few channels on here already that are already getting thousands of views daily, all because they told their audience they was on JoshWho TV now.

We are not a giant corporation that receives secret funding like the other shady platforms out there.

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