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How To Add Your JoshWho TV Channel to Roku for Free
JoshWho TV is now Roku ready and makes it easy to add your channel to Roku (Does Not Work with Embeded Videos)

  1. First thing is you need to start off by creating an account with Roku. If you already have a Roku unit, then you probably already have an account. Sign in.
  2. Create a Roku Developer account it is free here:
  3. Once Logged in to the Developer Dashboard click Channels then click Add
  4. Select Direct Publisherimage
  5. Setup your Channel Information

  6. image
  7. Select your Country and regions u want to be listed in


7. Add your JoshWho TV Channel's Roku URL


If you have a large Library and are having trouble getting your feed submited showing errors use a limit to show just your last 100 videos for example:

It is just your channel url and add /roku.json to the end of the url


8. Sync check your feed status by clicking refresh. If you see any errors either delete the videos it is saying or reupload it and do a video swap then click refresh again and check back in 5 minutes. All video urls have to be valid or it won't let u publish.


9. Upload Your Channel Art. All image fields are required for this to be published.

10. You are ready to Schedule your Publish for your channel



This is free to do and another great way to get your content out to more people in the world and you can even monetize it on Roku.


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