Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Live Stream?
It is actually really simple. If your account email is verified you should see a red Live button at the top.

Click the Live button and it will take you to your Live Dashboard.

The green circle area is were you get your Stream rtmp URL and your Stream Key. The Blue circled area is were you title your stream and give it a description.

Make sure to tick the "Listed Transmission" Switch Slider to Green or your live stream will not be seen on the Home Page.

Click save stream and you are ready to go live with your broadcast software.

Also a important thing is your stream bitrate should be set anywhere between 800kbs to 2000kbs for a better experience.
Click on Output and Change the "Output Mode" at the top to "Advanced" and where it says "Keyframe" set it to 2.


Click Apply and Click OK.

You can also watch a video tutorial here:

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