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Channel Monetization Support - How to Add your ad publisher code
Here at JoshWho TV we allow users to use their own ad publisher code as long as it supports banner ads and does not contain Adult X Rated Advertising.

Get paid real money by adding one of these ad services to your account.

There are many different Ads for Publisher companies out their that will pay you for your content.

Here is a small list of Ad networks for Publishers. Minimum traffic: 30,000 unique users per month Minimum traffic: 15,000 users per month

In order to add your ad code you have to go to My Account
Look for the Tab "Ad Overlay"


You will see this page. Insert your ad code and click the Save Ad Code button.


For the Example Below I am using a Google Display Ad with Fixed Banner setting.

Smaller banner is 320x100 I recommend this one the most.

Click Save and Copy and Paste the Code it gives you into your account on JoshWho TV



Once Saved open a support ticket either by emailing us at or in the support center click Open a New Ticket.

Select Channel Monetization and then in the message box please tell us your channel username and channel URL so We can check to see if your code is approvable.

Once we approve it your code will be live and will start seeing ads on your video after a few hours or depending on your ad network.


Some Advertisers want to verify you have permission to display a ad on the website.

Submit us the Meta Code they want you to use and we will add that to the site for them to verify.

Custom Banner Ads
You can even make your own Banner ad that links to your site or affiliate product.
Banner Dimensions must be 728x90

Just submit your banner to us and what you want it linked to and we can add it for you.


OR Smaller Banner Code Recommended 320x100


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