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Free Channel Shout Out JoshWho Promo Video

Create a JoshWho TV Promo Video

This will be a fun new way of helping JoshWho TV grow and also letting the world learn who you are and what your channel is all about.

1. Create a short 10 - 20 second video that states who you are

2. Say what the name of your channel or Brand is.

3. At the end please make sure to say "and You are watching JoshWho TV"

4. Upload it to your channel. Send a email to [email protected] Or create a support ticket here and select JoshWho TV Free Promo.

Include the url to your video and we will add that to our Video Ads and people will see your promo video throughout the platform.

Here is our logo if you would like to include it in your video. Just right click and save image.:


Here are some examples Below:





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